oscar lundberg

Composer & Sound Designer

About me

I'm Oscar. A composer from the northernmost part of Sweden.
I have composed music for short films, video games, concerts and advertising purposes for the past six years.

I'm also a dedicated musician, and I've played in various bands and ensembles ranging from classical orchestras to marching bands and even death metal. You can listen to my current projects "Jackets" & "Exilion" under the Music section of this page.

Whenever I'm not composing or playing music, I enjoy cooking, hunting and hiking out in the woods. I like to organize, but I don't like to clean my desk.


Here is some of my music.

Contact Me

Are you interested in working with me? Want to hear more of my music?
Or maybe you just want to say hello.
Either way, do not hesitate to send me an email.